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The Rainbow Vocabulary!

Why You Need This Print:
LGBTQ education is a lot of things.It’s inclusive. It’s empowering. It’s informative. It’s preventative of suicide and depression.

What it isn’t though, is sexual.

Gender identity isn’t sexual.

It’s how someone chooses to show up in the world.

It’s completely personal and doesn’t necessarily correlate to sexual identity. teaching kids about the various ways someone might identify makes more tolerant, community focused adults.

& it also leads to more self assured & comfortable queer adults, which drastically reduces the likelihood of an LGBTQIA+ kid to die by suicide.

& if we are talking about sex in a classroom: kids who aren’t aware of sexual topics & consent are more likely to be sexually abused and go through prolonged periods of molestation because they don’t have the language to identify what’s happening to them, and they also don’t have the language to say no.

If we’re protecting our children from anything, respecting them enough to allow them to be informed about their body, their identity and the world we live in is the best way to keep them safe.

Rainbow Vocabulary

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