Little World Changers is an educational subscription box for encouraging social emotional wellness, activism, inclusivity, & empowerment for children & beyond. This kit Is ideal for teachers & the homeschooling parent as it guides through heavy subjects in a way that gives children the confidence & the inspiration to make waves of change in this world. We created this box because we believe children will change the world, & that is our job as the grownups who love them, to give them the tools they need to forge ahead with confidence. Each box includes over $100 of products, including subscriber only prints, all-ages friendly illustrated recipe cards, lessons & coloring sheets for learning about history & culture through food & play, a monthly exclusive social/emotional mini story or activity & free access to our online virtual events, including our Unity lessons with Ms Deanna & Caregiver Connection Nights to help you connect with like-minded parents, guardians & loved ones, while we learn in togetherness. 2021

Get two months completely FREE when you subscribe yearly!


February: Black History Is Happening Now

March: Feminism Is For Everyone

April: No Planet B: How We Work Together To Protect Mother Earth

May: It's Okay Not To Be Okay: Mental Health & Wellness


July: The Privilege of Freedom in America

August: Equity in Education: How To Stand Up For What's Right at School

September: Latinx Heritage Month

October: Nuerodiversity

November: Land Back : Native American Heritage Month

December: Merry Everything : Holidays Around The World 



Little World Changers Monthly Learning Box

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