Look at that B E A U T Y! I couldn't be more proud of this new piece because she truly represents everything I stand for as a World Changer. Women's rights are extremely near & dear to my heart because as a Black Woman,I have personally experienced the many inequities woman face inALL institutional environments including medical, professional, & educational,some of which nearly cost my life, & my child's life.This poster is an outcry for women's rights, for proper education about our body's, about gender & sexual identities, intersectionality for Trans Womxn & Womxn of Color, & fair & equal access to the pay & education that we deserve. & at the same time, it is a celebration of our accomplishments, our outspokenness, our contributions to history & herstory & our grace & resilience in our continued push for ALL womxn's inclusion & liberation. 


The F is for Feminism Poster is a guiding resource for teaching children of all ages & gender identities about feminism. This poster touches on everything from women's contributions in Herstory, Patriarchy, Body Positivity, Consent & even Menstruation. This print is ideal for schools, daycares, homes & anywhere where children are present. It is never too early to start raising Little World Changers & that starts with learning about everyones individual struggles & strengths & taking actionable steps to support & represent eachother. 


  • A is for autonomy 
  • B is for body positivity 
  • C is for Consent
  • D is for Discrimination
  • E is for Equal Pay
  • F is for Feminist
  • G is for Gender
  • H is for Herstory 
  • I is for Intersectionally
  • J is for Job security
  • K is for Knowledge
  • L is for LGBTQIA+
  • M is for Menstruation
  • N is for Nasty Woman
  • O is for Outspoken
  • P is for Patriarchy
  • Q is for Queer
  • R is for Reproductive Rights
  • S is for Sexism
  • T is for Toxic Masculinity 
  • U is for Uplift 
  • V is for Voting Rights
  • W is for Womanism
  • X is for X as a way to adjust words to be more inclusive of all gender identities
  • Y is for Youth Leadership
  • Z - Gen Z (the first generation to embrace femininity with such enthusiasm, actively changing the world)

F is For Feminism

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