Our extremely highly requested A is for Ally memory deck is finally here. As an adaptation of our world reknowned A is for Ally poster the A is for Ally Memory Game creates an actionable activity to teach, anti-racism, inclusion, activism, & diversity to our children.
Play as a simple memory game, or use as a flashcard to up you & your childs #woke vocabulary.
54 card deck - including mini definition guide.
A is For Ally

B is for Black

C is for Colonization

D is for Diversity

E is for Equality

F is for Fragility

G is for Gentrification

H is for History

I is for Inclusion

J is for Justice

K is for Kindness

L is for Love

M is for Movement

N is for No Excuses

O is for Oppression

P is for Privilege

Q is for Question

R is for Race

S is for Stand Up

T is for Teach

U is for Unity

V is for Validate

W is for Wealth Disparity

X is for Xenophobia

Y is for Youth Activism

Z is for Zenith

A is For Ally Memory Game Deck


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