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What's Happening for Emerald Creative In 2021

While everyone’s talking about losing the COVID weight, (completely unnecessary btw ✌🏽) I’m going MUCH higher.

By this time next year, I will be a New York Times best selling author & Emerald Creative will be a 7 figure, b-Corp certified social enterprise.

We’ll be helping 800+ people & children learn to be better allies, better humans & to use their individual strengths to create a better world.

We’ll make strides in overhauling the school system. 5000 strides to be exact. 5000 world changers gifts to 5000 teachers.

& if COVID cooperates we’ll have a brick & mortar artists collective, focused on uplifting creators of color & prioritizing work for organizations promoting social change.

I’m going to make enough money so that I can give freely of my time, energy, & finances.

& to everyone that says, “that seems like a lot”, or “how do you plan to do all that little miss?”

Let me tell you something. I may be 5 feet tall but I am far from little. I am a fiery force & I wake up every day to take strides to change my world & the world around me. I have BIG commitment & the world needs me to succeed. So I will.

How are you going to change the world this coming year?

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