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The Problem With The Average American Teacher

The way our educational system is set up has 👏🏽 to 👏🏽 change 👏🏽.

While the whole world is talking about how white women have continually supported 45 despite his detrimental behaviors, we need to talk about how many of those people are in charge of our children, day in & day out.

Our students are in the care of some amazing, wonderful & dedicated people, but the statistics from the 2020 election have showed that more than half of these women do not have our students best interest at heart.

80% of traditional public school teachers are white.

68% of charter school teachers are white.

76.5 % of those demographics are female.

What can we do about this?

Join your local PTA. Use your voice to encourage diverse hiring & inclusive learning materials.

Uplift & support the teachers who prioritize anti-bias education, & strengthen their commitment to creating a better world by making sure they have the tools & resources they need to empower their students, & our children.

If you would like to gift a teacher with antiracist materials: Donate today to the world changers program, via the link in my bio or directly through my Venmo: @taimani-reed

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