Why Representation Matters for Boys, Too

Updated: Sep 10

It’s fairly often that people express genuine surprise that I would make a poster for both Girls & Boys representation.

& I realize that girls, especially girls of color, absolutely need positive representation & beautiful hero’s to look up to. Girls are so often undervalued, underserved & under protected.

But Boys, even with the systematic advantages they get in this world, are also being underserved.

Think about your father or your grandfather. Think about the way they had to grow up, with the “stiff upper lips” and the “boys don’t cry” and “if you have feelings you are feminine and of less value to me and all of society.”

that’s, a LOT for a child to carry.

Our boys need to know that they are loved and valued for more than their strength or their ability to make money and provide financially.

We need to nurture their peace and their creativity and their softness and their musicality & their PRIDE in being exactly who they are.

ALL of our babies need this.

In my world, babies grow up with representation. They grow up with freedom to explore & freedom to express.

They grow up feeling heard & they grow up feeling L O V E

They grow up knowing that they alone are uniquely capable of changing the world in some way, just by being exactly who THEY are.

Representation Matters Set available on www.emeraldcreative.org

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