Why I Can't Say That My Baby Was Born Equal

Updated: Sep 10

I’ve been working on a new poster. It says “we’re all born equal.” It’s beautiful, the art is beautiful & the statement is beautiful but...I won’t be releasing it. Here’s why:

This is Auryn.

He loves live music, peekaboo, climbing on things he’s not supposed to be, hummus from @brennaamay & he’s in a committed relationship with Buzz Lightyear.

He is my golden babe & he’s almost two years old.

My pregnancy with this beautiful boy was... awful. I, like many Black womxn bringing life into this country, was assigned a white obstetrician who despite seeing me in excruciating pain allowed me to labor for nearly three months without looking any further for a way to help or even just a cause of the situation.

You’re being dramatic.

Stop thinking about the pain.

It’s part of being pregnant.

But I knew something was wrong. He wasn’t kicking or moving. You could rarely feel him. Every doctor and nurse struggled to find his heartbeat for monitoring & the pain: the pain was simply not normal.

He came into this world via a cesarean that took longer than expected. The doctor admitted afterward that there was a band of scar tissue that was formed around my baby, putting pressure on his tiny body.

This is something that they would have been able to find had they done just ONE of the ultrasounds I begged for throughout my pregnancy.

Had my pregnancy gone on to full term, we both could have been lost.

My baby was not born equal.

My doctors did not have any sense of urgency for him, they did not give me access to the required testing, they would not hear me when I begged for help & it nearly cost our lives.

Unless we revisit, rearrange & recreate ALL of the systems that are holding Black & Brown folx down, The school system, the police system, the economic system, the medical system, we will never truly be able to say that We Are All Born Equal.

Auryn came into this world, healthy, thankfully but so many Black womxn & children our lost at the hands of our medical system.

Listen to Black Womxn.

Listen to Black Mothers.

We matter.

Our children matter.


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