What Are You Doing To Change The World?

Updated: Sep 10

I work extremely hard to be positive, to not look like what I’ve been through, to wear a smile because I truly believe that positivity & peace & all that wonderful stuff is the only real tool we have for change.

I’m in love with this beautiful life but I’m exhausted by the fact that we keep having to die. I don’t know who is listening.

I don’t care if you think BLM is a problematic organization, or if you love it.

I don’t care if you’re left or you’re right or you’re independent or you’re a purple eyed alien supporting an evolved political party on mars.

Black Lives Matter.

They just matter.

You can’t sit on someone’s neck for 9 minutes. #georgefloyd

You can’t murder someone as they lay asleep in their bed.#breonnataylor

You can’t shoot someone 7 times in the back. #jacobblake

You can’t kill someone for going on a peaceful jog or walking home from the store wearing a mask. #ahmaudarbery #elijahmcclain

When will you learn? When will it be enough? My people shouldn’t have to live in fear and terror and our traumas shouldn’t have to be televised and exposed for you to GET that This. Is. Wrong.

What are you doing to make a change? Really? What are you really doing?

Because fighting on the internet about who the VP is, and spreading videos of Black folx being harmed isn’t helping anyone.

I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again: This is not an issue of politics. This is an issue of morality. It’s an issue of what you’re willing to ignore because it doesn’t affect you. Black Lives Matter & We Are Actively Dying Out Here.

How are you going to be part of the positive change towards good?

If You feel so inclined you can donate to our World Changers Program today:

Venmo: @taimani-Reed

$60 outfits a classroom with antiracist resources from my shop.

I’m exhausted, but this how I fight. My art is my activism.


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