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Kindness > Colorblindness

n World Kindness Day, here’s a friendly PSA that saying: “I don’t see color” or “I teach my kids to be colorblind” is neither helpful, nor is it kind. In fact, it is harmful erasure of cultures, traditions & the beautiful diversity that makes our world whole. Why would you even want to be colorblind, when our experiences & our culture bring so much variety to life?

Do these things Instead:

• Get comfortable talking about race. Learn the necessary language to be respectful & keep the lines of conversation flowing.

•Understand that diversity is beauty & not something too taboo for the dinner table.

• Teach & Learn about cultural differences. My favorite ways to do this are through learning ethnic recipes for meals & baking, & precocity I LOVE going to cultural festivals.

Validate others experiences & organize alliances: we cannot afford to be afraid to hear the ugly past and present people pc color are living in. It’s vital that we all validate each others traumas, lived experiences, cultures & traditions & organize to protect the beauty & value people of color bring to the world.

PS: I do actually, happily & proudly where that much green in an outfit & leg warmers are essential because she has a blood disorder & shes ALWAYS cold 🥶

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