Things I Don't Say Out Loud: Hi, I'm an Illustrator

Updated: Sep 10

Something I STILL have trouble saying: “Hi! I’m an illustrator” .

If you ask me what I do lately, I’ll likely tell you a long story about how I was/am a photographer but it’s not safe anymore with COVID so I pivoted in March to brand design & then I started drawing peoples logos and then cops were killing more Black people so I made A is for Ally & then it exploded &....I literally may not ever get to telling you that I’m an illustrator.

Why? I think because this just doesn’t seen REAL! I’m an illustrator. I get paid to do what I love. I’m sitting in my office surrounded by art that I’ve made, creating more art & sending art to families & homes & schools all over the country. I spend my days answering emails & creating more art for more people who value my time & my creativity & my hard work.

It feels like a dream.

This WAS my dream & it’s a dream that I never thought would be possible so THANK YOU for your support, because your quite literally makes my dreams come true.

Hi! I’m Taimani Emerald Reed & I’m an Illustrator.

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