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How To Celebrate The Season Without Centering Christmas


npopular Opinion: Christmas doesn’t belong in the public school system.

I get it, I really do. I set up my tree BEFORE thanksgiving. I started singing Mariah Carey in august. I ADORE the spirit of this time of year & I want to sprinkle a bit of it on everyone.

But I also grew up as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I no longer at one, obviously but I was the kid sitting in the office during holiday parties, being forced to stand up for my religion just to say no to some Santa cookies. Dealing with the eye rolls from teachers & bombarding questions from my peers: do you ever get presents? It’s just a cookie... or a song... or a party...

It was uncomfortable. & I dreaded school in December for that reason.

There are so many different cultures that make up a classroom & singling christmas out in your curriculum promotes the idea that Christian traditions are better, more important, or worse, the ONLY traditions of value to your students.

Instead, if you’re going to bring holidays into your classroom, focus on inclusivity.

Broaden your curriculum to include holidays & traditions around the world.

•A good idea would be to include comforting winter foods in your holiday party.

& most importantly focus on the spirit of giving.

At the heart of the holiday season is a sense of community & togetherness.

Exclusionary curriculum is the exact opposite of the holiday spirit.

Study people who’ve dedicated their lives to the needs of others.

Participate in food & toy drives

Make classroom gifts for friends & family & even strangers.

My kid made me an ornament & I cried happy happy tears.

De-centering Christmas isn’t the end of the holiday spirit, in many ways it IS the holiday spirit.

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