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How The Derek Chauvin Trial Causes Racial Trauma In Black Folx

White folx: know that there is so much weigh on our shoulders & that there is so much work for YOU to do.

Help us heal, by taking actionable steps in your antiracism.

Help us heal, by supporting us with acts of kindness and participating in reparations.

You have power in & out of the courts.

You have privilege & it’s time you spent it.

Today, I am calling in peace to my Black Family. I know this is hard for you. It’s hard for me to.

I am nervous. I’m having a hard time focusing, my stomach is upset, I’m jumpy, shaky, anxious, angry, all over again.

I keep seeing George Floyd, lying there begging for his life as it was mercilessly taken from him.

I want justice. I am calling in justice & even if we don’t see it through this trial, we WILL see justice for George Floyd.

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