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How COVID-19 Affects People Of Color

In case you were wondering, this is systemic racism in action. 250,000 COVID deaths in the US & Black & BIPOC communities have 5x the mortality rate of white folx, according to the CDC.

A recent report indicated that if people of color had experienced the same mortality rate as whites, as of late May, more than 14,000 Black Americans would still be alive, along with 1,200 Latino Americans and 400 indigenous Americans.

The affects of past discriminatory laws & practices, including redlining perpetuate the living conditions of people of color still today.

Due to systemic oppression & virtually genocidal healthcare practices, people of color have less access to health care & dietary guidance.

Pair that with the additional stressors we feel, living in a racist society, & our immune systems are physically taxed & more exposed to chronic illness. (that often go mis-diagnosed, mistreated, or ignored all together)

Wealth disparity means that people of color have less access to healthy foods & are more likely to be working essential jobs & therefore do not have the luxury of avoiding contact with people.

Additionally “Racism plays out in the rationing of equipment for people who are testing positive for COVID and even in back room decisions about who is eligible to get tests.” According to Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha, an associate professor of public health at the School of Medicine.

How you can help:

Put 👏🏽 Money 👏🏽 Back 👏🏽 Into 👏🏽 The 👏🏽 Hands 👏🏽 Of 👏🏽 Black 👏🏽 & 👏🏽 Brown 👏🏽 Folx 👏🏽

COVID-19 has exacerbated the already detrimental affects of racial disparity & made them even more deadly.

Take action. Change the world.

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