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Happy Birthday MLK!

Lessons from Martin Luther King Jr. : At the heart of peaceful protest & at movements that effectively create change is L O V E.

always, always love.

If you aren’t against white supremacy, you are my enemy.

But I know that only love can mend this rift.

I love you enough to teach.

I love you enough to say something when your actions are oppressive to myself &/or others.

I love you enough to call out your silence, & your centering.

I love you enough to work every day to create better systems for your children, as much as I do for my own.

This system is not working for anyone, let’s be real.

There is no where we can’t go, if we do not go together.

I deserve better. We all deserve better.

Donate to the world changers program today to support my art & to support teachers everywhere in need of anti racist tools: Venmo: Taimani-reed or subscribe to a monthly donation here

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