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Does This Look Like A Criminal To You?

If this looks like a criminal to you, my guess is that it’s not about the flowers...

& yet, a 6 year old Black boy was required to appear before court for picking a tulip as he waited at a bus stop.

How do you get people to start seeing Black people, Black children, & especially Black boys & men, as humans rather than as threats?

You start with your own children.

I start with teaching my babies to love your babies, & you start with teaching your babies to love mine.

& loving each other while recognizing & acknowledging the beauty in our diversity, never encouraging colorblindness.

This starts with representation.

This starts with inclusion.

If your children are going to change the world tomorrow, you have to pave the way today.

Donate to the World Changers Program to get inclusive diverse artwork into every school, every home, every doctors office, police station, across the country.

It’s time we started seeing people of color as human.

How you can support the World Changers Program:

•Purchasing art on

•Becoming a World Changer & pledging a monthly donation.

• Donate Directly With Any Card HERE

Thank you for your support!

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