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Addressing Your Privilege

Addressing Your Privilege:

Reflect: look inward at the choices you make every day. The businesses you support, the entertainment you watch. Do these things support systemic racism? Do these things support negative bias, or cultural appropriation?

Unlearn: take off all the sticky baggage that this world has thrown on you & commit to getting rid of it. Being antiracist means you will fight WHEREVER, you see racism. Including in yourself. Throw it in a dumpster fire & let that ish BURN 🔥

Listen: watch documentaries, read books, have conversations & be a healthy listener. Never center yourself & your own narrative in a conversation about someone else’s struggle. Now is the time to be present & take in information so you can effectively help when the time comes.

Speak Up: your privilege gives you a voice that is more readily heard in this system & it’s your responsibility to use that voice to protect, empower & amplify.

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