This alliance is for you if:

You believe that we all have

the power to change the world.

You're Looking To Align All Aspects Of Your Home, Business & Life With The Pursuit Of Equity, Inclusivity & Justice.

You're committed to getting the guidance & Education you need to live a life of impact.

You KNOW That the current system is inherently unjust & You're ready to ReCOGNIZE, release & UNLEARN Toxic habits

you've read the books, attended the protests, & You're FUlly committed to effective allyship 

MEET YOUR COACH & Fellow World Changer

taimani emerald reed

world reknowned author/illustrator 

international advocate for peace, activism & equitable learning

founder of the world changers program, supporting equitable learning across the nation & Beyond


& community expert

multi-passionate international activist

grassroots community organizer

leading voice in equitable business practices & Educational decolonization.

deanna cohen

expert in creating harmonious home life with world changing impact

the world changers alliance

coming january 2021

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