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We believe

children will chANGE THE WORLD




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Little World Changers is an educational subscription box for encouraging social emotional wellness,  activism, inclusivity, & empowerment for children & beyond.

This kit Is ideal for teachers & the homeschooling parent as it guides through heavy subjects in a way that gives children the confidence & the inspiration to make waves of change in this world.

We created this box because we believe children will change the world, & that is our job as the grownups who love them, to give them the tools they need to forge ahead with confidence.

Each box includes over $100 of products, including subscriber only prints, all-ages friendly illustrated recipe cards, lessons & coloring sheets for learning about history & culture through food & play, a monthly exclusive social/emotional mini story & free access to our online virtual events, including our Unity lessons with Ms Deanna & Caregiver Connection Nights to help you connect with like-minded parents, guardians & loved ones, while we learn in togetherness.

ABOUT THE artist

Taimani Emerald of Emerald Creative is the creator of whimsical illustrations that are changing the world of anti-racist/anti-bias education as we know it.


As seen in major publications, including Huffpost & Good Morning America, Taimani uses her unique artistic voice to create illustrations that teach a message of kindness, anti-racism, and community empowerment to people of all ages.


Her commitment to changing the world of anti-racist education spurred the activation of  The World Changers Program, which has donated. over 1000 pieces of community-sponsored art to classrooms all over The United States of America, in 6 months.

taimani emerald

ABOUT THE teacher


ms. Deanna

Deanna Cohen, is a Waldorf inspired educator from Portland, Oregon. She is a mama, activist, Jewish granddaughter of immigrants who escaped Europe from persecution and a passionate traveller, whether it's armchair though a book or pre-Covid via visits.


She believes children will change the world, & through her 11 years of teaching in her Playgardens, she has focused  on decolonizing the white supremacist roots in standard education, & give all children the tools to learn about equity, culture, & caring for their community through acts of service, kindness and social justice.


Repairing the world is our work and children are our best hope.

let's learn together

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