our Mission

At Emerald Creative, we create whimsical art that is changing the world by empowering and educating

people of all ages & backgrounds towards activism & acceptance.

The world can be a scary place to look differently, feel differently, act differently, live differently, love differently, & even believe differently. Our company is creating a safe haven of inspiration & confidence for people just like you, to show up for yourself, as yourself

Every purchase you make on emerald creative donates a piece of anti-racist art to a low income school or family through 
she's a world changer

At Emerald Creative, we believe children will change the world. & as little world changers, leading us to a better tomorrow, they need YOUR support, YOUR rallying cry, & YOUR uplifting to succeed.

Children are being done a disservice when you exclude them from the narrative of social justice, & so is our society.

We create art that gives people of all ages

the opportunity, the language, & the ability, to have heavy conversations in a way that is soft, empowering & enlightening.

& then, hand in hand, We Take Action Together

by donating community sponsored artwork to homes & classrooms. 


Our World Changers Kits have traveled around the globe, so children everywhere can enjoy their inherent right to feel loved, cared for, & represented
in their learning environment.