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The world Changers alliance

The World Changers Alliance is a self-guided anti-racist/anti-bias unlearning curriculum taught through whimsical  illustrations. Curated to support an environment where psychological safety, empathy & awareness are a part of our every day lives

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what's included:

  • short digestible video & written lessons especially created to support the beautiful differences in all our minds.

  • alliance exclusive downloadable prints

  • allyship action activities to help you start to create tangible
    change in your world today, & every day. 

  • social-emotional comic strips & affirmation cards to help you embody the message of each module.

  • culturally relevant recipe cards to get you using your hands & taking the mission to heart (& to your stomach).

  • a 10% discount for participants on emerald creative art

  • a 25% Discount on all physical boxes Purchased

  • a little world changers box gifted in your name to a school or low income family.

bonus gifts:

why I believe in
the world changers alliance

a letter from Taimani Emerald, the creator & founder:

when I was 17, I got my first job. I lasted just short of one whole year in corporate America before I chose to embark on the self-employment journey. & no, it wasn't because becoming an artist seemed so much easier. it wasn't because I didn't like being told what to do.
it was because: I wasn't being treated like a human.

in 11 short months, I was
called a N***** more times than I care to count,
by both customers & fellow employees, & management alike. 
 punished for medical emergencies
had my pay checks mysteriously slashed with nothing more than a "hmm, that's odd" from payroll.
was bullied in competitive sales environments
ridiculed for my hair & style of dress & even my religious beliefs
sexually harassed, daily,
& finally, in my last position:
I had a life or death experience that led to my being nearly kidnapped by a mentally unstable client. (management offered me a 20% off voucher for self-defense classes for that one.)

so, I quit.

the fact of the matter is that all of us live in a capitalist society & most of us spend the better part of our adult lives working with & for other people. so, why aren't we being cared for? why aren't we being
supported, believed, empowered?

systemic inequities, gender wage gaps, environmental recklessness... all stem from a general lack of authenticity, lack of regard & a disinterest in supporting every manager, CEO, team member as a humanwho leads a connected life outside of work.

the World Changers Alliance was created to use part to empower every company, no matter its size t make radical change by maximizing the impact of the work we are already doing every day.

we do this when we're allowed to Show Up for Ourselves As Ourselves. 

The World Changers Alliance was created as a
self-guided learning platform that prioritizes inclusion in the workplace by honoring the whole, authentic person & our inherent right to equitable work environments that
celebrate, encourage, & support diversity.  
the World Changers Alliance, simply put is for those who are ready to
turn the way we've earned a living entirely on its head. 
It's for World Changers ready to do their work,
make a profit & make a change.

it's for those of us who are no longer willing to make ourselves smaller to fit into any companies agenda,
who are ready to show up:
for our community.
for our goals
for our planet & most importantly
it's for those of you who are ready to
show up: for yourself, as yourself. 

the world starts to look a whole look a whole lot different when you're
empowered to be authentically you.

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